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Rev Dr. Wilson varkey

Dr. Wilson Varkey has been serving as the pastor of ICA since 2016. He serves our church along with his wife Jeena and two daughters Agnes and Ashley.

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P.A Samuel

P.A Samuel serves as the Secretary of ICA. He oversees all the day to day operations and is the point of contact for all church matters. He attends our church with his wife Thankamma and daughter Asha

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Sam John

Sam John serves as our Treasurer of ICA, he oversees all the financial activities of the church. He attends our church with his wife Susan and daughter Sheryl

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Sunday School Director

Rev. Joseph T. George

Rev. Joseph T. George serves as the Sunday School director and oversees all the sunday school activities for all age groups. He attends our church with his wife Annie

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Mission Director

Rev. Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson serves as our Missions Director, he is currently in charge of all the local and global mission initiatives that the church is involved in. He attends our church with his wife Daisy.

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Charity Director

Jacob Alexander

Jacob Alexander serves as the Charity Director, he oversees all the charitable initiatives that the church is currently involved such as scholarships for students with no money for education. He attends our church with his wife Saramma

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Youth Director

Sharon Thomas

Sharon Thomas serves as our Youth Director, she oversees all the events that are catered to the growth of the Youth at ICA. 

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Womens Coordinator

Jeena Wilson

Jeena Wilson serves as the Womens Coordinator, she oversees all the events that are created to empower women of the church by addressing issues in today's world.

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Children Church/Nursery

Sara Thomas

Sarah Thomas serves as our Children Church and Nursery Director. She oversees all the activities such as creating the curriculum for the children church and nursery groups as well as our annual Vacation Bible School.

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Choir And Sound Team

Jencil, Sharlene, Joel

The Bible is the account of God’s action in the world, and his purpose with all creation. The writing of the Bible took place over sixteen centuries and is the work of over forty human authors. It is quite an amazing collection of 66 books with very different styles, all containing the message God desired us to have.